Excursions in Bergen

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Excursions in Bergen

On this page we have put together a number of shorter excursions and hiking tours in Bergen. You can choose to walk down the narrow streets of the medeival Bergen or opt for a bus journey with stops in museums and other sightseeing spots. For the lovers of fresh air, mountains and fjords we offer hiking experiences and fishing trips.

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"Suddenly a mist fell from my eyes

and I knew the way I had to take"

Edvard Grieg, Norwegian composer

1. Medeival Bergen

2 h walking tour in medeival quarters of Bergen.

1100 NOK (for a group of 1-10 persons)

2. Bergen in a nutshell

3h walking tour in Bergen with a visit to the Bergenhus Fortress, Hanseatic quarters, Bergen fish market, overview of historical architecture and the festive square.

1500 NOK

3. Old Bergen

3h walking tour in Old Bergen with a visit to the Hanseatic museum.

1500 + 100 NOK per person (museum ticket)

4. Excursion with a city view from the top

Walking tour in Bergen with a funicular trip to the summit of the city mountain Floien.

3h - 1500 + 100 NOK p.p. return ticket

4h - 1900 + 100 NOK p.p return ticket

5. Musical heritage

Bus / minibus sightseeing tour in Bergen  with a visit to the Edvard Grieg's museum.

4h - 5900 NOK + 120 NOK p.p. ticket

5h + concert at the E. Grieg's museum -

7300 NOK + 150 NOK p.p. ticket

6. Bergen architectural heritage

5h minibus sightseeing tour in Bergen - old wooden houses, Stavic Chruch, Gamle Bergen.

7300 + 200 NOK p.p. tickets

7. Excursion wth a visit to Ole Bull

6h sightseeing tour in Bergen with a visit to the Ole Bull's villa on the Lysoen island.

8700 + 200 NOK p.p. tickets (boat and musem)

8. Hiking in Bergen

4h walking / hiking tour in the city mountains.

1900 + 100 NOK p.p. return funicular tickets

9. Four Summit hike

8h hiking tour to the city mountain summits. Transfer to the Ulriken cable car line to the summit of Ulriken. 15km walking tour Ulriken - Vidden plateau - Blomanen - Rundemanen - Floien. Funicular ride back to the city centre.

3300 + 220 NOK p.p tickets

10. Fishing in the fjords

7-8 hour tour in the Fjord. 1-2 hour journey to the fishing grounds on the board of a yacht or a fishing boat with a captain and fishing instructor. Fishing and lunch on board prepared from the caught fish (Norwegian fish soup and fried fish). There is an option to prepare lunch on one of the islands.

Prices from 18500 NOK (group of 8-10 p.)


2 course lunch - 350 NOK p.p. (drinks not included)

1 course lunch - 200 NOK p.p (drinks not included)

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